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Supervisor`s Office



The Township Supervisor is the Chief Administrative Officer of the Township and Chair of the Board of Trustees, which is the legislative arm of the Township.


The Supervisor`s Office is responsible for all the operating agencies of the municipality (except the offices of the elected Clerk and Treasurer) and other duties that may be delegated by the Township Board.


The Supervisor oversees the following Departments:  Assessing, Building, Parks, Building & Grounds, and Fire.



Responsibilities of the Supervisor


- Purchasing, budgets, personnel, and all other items not assigned by statute to other officials.


- Dealing with public concerns, citizen calls, developers, businesses, and staff business.


- Interacting with State, County, other municipalities, and local agencies such as the library, schools, and the Chamber of Commerce.


- Attending PR events such as groundbreakings and open houses.


- Publication of Township`s newsletter, Monitor Township News


- Maintaining the Township`s website.


- Sitting on all Township committees Ex Officio.