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Building Department


Carol Goodwin

Building and Zoning Assistant

Monday -Friday

8:00 am-12:00 pm



F. David Rochow

Zoning Enforcement



Dave DeGrow

Building Inspector



Frank Bryden

Electrical Inspector



Dell Bedford

Plumbing & Mechanical Inspector



Building Code Enforcement


The Building Department is responsible for issuing all building permits and oversees the inspection of existing buildings and new construction and the enforcement of building and zoning codes to ensure quality development.  The Code Enforcement Officer responds to concerns from citizens that affect the quality of life within the city such as zoning, overgrown lots or yards, in-operative vehicles, maintenance of structures, illegal signs and public nuisances.  Systematic inspections are also performed throughout the Township to ensure properties are in compliance.


Building Permits

A building permit is required when any type of structural work is done on your home. A building permit is needed for any deck or porch raised off the ground, additions, garages, sheds over 200 sq. ft., changing the size of the existing windows, adding or changing interior walls, or finishing interior attic or basement space.


Above-ground pools are required to have a retractable ladder. If there is a deck, an approved safety gate is necessary. Call the zoning administrator for more details.


NOTE: A building permit is NOT REQUIRED for adding or changing the exterior siding, replacing same-size windows, or replacing roof shingles as long as no sheeting needs to be replaced.


To obtain a building permit, the following information must be submitted to the Building Department:

  1. A completed Building Permit Application
  2. Five (5) sets of construction plans for Commercial and One (1) set for Residential


Electrical Permit 

An electrical permit is required when any electrical work is done other than replacing light fixtures and receptacles. Call the electrical inspector for inspections.


Plumbing Permit 

Plumbing permits are required when adding plumbing, installing underground plumbing, changing placement of fixtures or replacing water heaters. Call the plumbing inspector for inspections.


Mechanical Permit 

Examples of when a mechanical permit would be required are replacing a furnace, bath & kitchen fans, dryer vents, factory-built chimneys, adding air conditioning, and installing a gas or wood burning stove.


When a building permit is required, these permits may be in addition to the building permit.


Contractor Registration 

If you haven`t registered with Monitor Township, please fax a completed registration form to the Building Department at 989-684-9234.


Bay County Road Commission

Driveway Policy


Important Notice:  The Bay County Road Commission DOES NOT allow a concrete driveway or concrete driveway approach to be installed to the edge of a non-curb and gutter roadway.  A concrete driveway also cannot connect directly to an asphalt paved shoulder or be used as a driveway surface within the road right-of-way.  Please note a permit is also required.  Read More Here